Outdoor & Travel links

I love to live life. Being outside and active is one of the premium offers life brings to you for free. Bring some oxygen in your longs and start producing dopamine. Feeling good has never been easier. Some people say life has no meaning, if this is true you should get your ass of the couch and start moving because life will be over before you notice. At the moment I manage Activate.me where you can book personal development courses and workshops. I hope to share some useful links here.

Stop Surfing. Start surfing.

You are surfing the web now, start surfing some waves. I travelled and surfed all over the European West Coast and lived in South West Portugal for 6 months.


Where I grew up in Belgium there is only flat terrain, so I started to ride cross country. 


Nothing beats the feeling of floating on a fresh dump. I used to live as a ‘saisonier’ in France and had the time of my life. You should do that too.

  • Avoriaz (search for le jardin des enfants, tip: it’s not on Google, otherwise head for Les Lindarets)
  • Les Menuires (go ride La Masse)
  • Engelberg (closest Glacier to Brussels, wintercamping)