SEMRUSH review

This will be my very first review of an SEO tool. Ever. Probably not my last. I use SEMrush for about 10 years now and the last 5 years very extensively. We use it in our SEO Agency on a daily basis.

I use it to sell my services to client, I use it to spy on competitors, get insights about the market I need to rank a client and many more stuff. I hope to give you a real, objective review from a longtime user. If you want to know how Semrush works 

I used Searchmetrics for about three years and never used Ahrefs. I use Raven SEO tools as well as Screaming Frog and Sitebulb and lot’s of Chrome extensions, but let’s hop in.

What is SEMRUSH?

SEMRUSH describes itself on their own website as a ‘The worlds’ no.1 Marketing Tool”. So that’s a big claim. Does it deliver to this bold statement? I do believe so, for many reasons.

  • You can use Semrush for researching the market (keywords, competitors, backlinks, ads)
  • You can use projects for tracking keywords, backlinks and competitors
  • You can even use it as a planner for social media.

When I started using Semrush it was mostly a competitor research tool with the biggest database of keywords. This keyword database is the main reason why I loved and bought a subscription. (test it for free here) My issue is we are in Belgium and our market is very small in regards to many other countries. Semrush was the only tool at that time that could deliver the data I needed. And I still love it for this reason to date.

Get new clients with SEMRUSH

I remember to go to one of my early client meetings and showing him this: 

Semrush Domain overview screenshot for it’s own domain

My prospect wanted to get more leads from Search Engines. He directly noticed how well his competitors where doing and hired me without even asking any further questions 😉 Since that day I am totally in love with Semrush!

Semrush Keywords

The #1 reason why you should get a Semrush subscription is the keyword database and the tools that goes with it. 

  • Keyword magic tool
  • Keyword manager
  • Keyword ranktracking
  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Keyword Difficulty data

to be continued