Webdesign links

Not just a random list of links about webdesign. Quality over quantity. The links you find here came from my bookmarks that have been lingering in my browser for a long long time. They might be useful for you if you are looking into coding as a beginner or if you would like to build your first website (with wordpress). Maybe you just to have a laugh with how I (almost everybody in 2005) used dreamweaver. Those days are long gone and today I even have my own codingschool in Antwerp

Install WordPress locally with Dreamweaver.

In my early days I learned to design websites with dreamweaver. When I first stumbled upon WordPress I tried to build wordpress sites with dreamweaver. The following course takes you through the different steps from installing a local server and database to the CSS. Finally I got to install a multilingual multisite which made me very proud at the time. -> edit_wp_dw

Test your web projects.

When you build stuff on the web you want to test it for different users/devices/etc this brought me to saucelabs. never actually used it because I outsourced the coding to more experienced developers, but if you go code, test before you deploy! -> saucelabs

For testing for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has some tools -> previously modern.ie

Learn to code online with codeacadamy.

I liked design so much I went to follow a photoshop course, this was followed by Illustrator and finally webdesign. But instead of following a real life coding course you can follow an online coding course. -> 

Learn how to use web standards in coding.

When coding standards are always better to build a future proof project. this is exactly what the Webplatform tries to do. -> WebPlatform

Bring some more CSS tricks in your book.

When coding some things used to be much more static as things are today. -> css-tricks

Don’t like writing code? Just design with Readymag.

When I ran into Readymag I wish I heard about it before. Never quite used it though. But today it boasts a lot of powerful functions to publish beautiful projects on the web without knowing one line of code. -> Readymag

Design and developer walhalla Smashing Magazine.

When I ran into Smashing I could not stop reading and I wanted to build and design all the beatiful stuff people threw at me from the Smashing side of life. Simply get amazed. -> Smashing Magazine