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Digital Marketing

I turn your business strategy into a digital marketing strategy, plan all your media and manage your digital marketing with my team.

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Website and Data-Analytics

I grow your business with a data driven approach and actionable insights.

We test our ideas and directly implement learnings in your campaigns for optimization. 🚀

Jef Van Gool - web design

Conversion Optimization

It’s my mission to help you grow and I take this mission very seriously. I don’t focus on vanity metrics but on what drives your bottom line.

We always test ideas and build out successful campaigns, sometimes these become businesses of their own.


🤩 Hey Jef, I want to buy a professional website but with another color scheme. is that possible?

Jef Van Gool - stockfootage guy

Yes, we build custom stuff like this CSS color switcher.

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Set up your digital marketing plan

Reap the benefits of your optimised online presence. Start to attract more leads. Work with a professional digital marketer who built (and failed) multiple business for his own and clients and partners. Bring +15 years of experience in sales, webdesign, digital performance marketing in your company and get ready to enjoy growth and sustain it in the future!